Who are we? 🦌
Not long ago, our "Hands behind the Business" (or we call him Edgars), decided that it was time to move on - he is that kind of a guy who stubbornly goes and do things that makes him happy and proud. Being in sales for a while and after getting his diploma as certified fitness trainer, he believed that he can do more - with his hands and the ability to work hard. So, he went, learned carpentry, worked for the best in the business, with the aim to establish his own company one day - with passion and dedication.
He is the guy who wants everything to be perfect. He the guy who keeps our standards high and your opportunities limitless. He does not speak much, but, oh gosh, he does things and gets them done.
Wild Wood Factory is his and his team's platform to make private and public places unique. This is our beginning.