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Only you can make it last. Maintenance.

Only you can make it last. Maintenance.

Posted by Katrīna Klišāne

Each item is made especially for customer - with attention to detail and extreme care. Each of our solid wood products are finished with highest quality Rubio Monocoat Hard-wax oil...

What does it take?

What does it take?

Posted by Edgars Audziss

What it actually takes to make furniture? Sure, you might say, nowadays, everything is about the technology and machinery - just have a board and you have the piece or...

No guts No glory

No guts No glory

Posted by Katrīna Klišāne

In life we are looking for the One and only. Like, you know- the right person to hold hands with until the end of your Era and build Empire together. For...

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