Each item is made especially for customer - with attention to detail and extreme care. Each of our solid wood products are finished with highest quality Rubio Monocoat Hard-wax oil and it does require to be regularly maintained. 

Everything can happen to the piece you just have ordered - kids, dogs, cats or yourself, just poured a glass of redwine on your brand new table or media unit. Take a deep breath and try thinking clearly. ALARM! Do not take your regular cleaner that is meant for your kitchen or bathroom. It most probably will damage the wood work. 

It is important to remember the following: 

1. Clean, dry, soft cloths or feather dusters will effectively remove dust; 
2. Do not use all-purpose cleaners- if necessary, use wild water and mild dish soap. Dry with a soft cloth; 
3. Keep used surfaces covered to avoid rings and heat.

There is also the professional spa version how to take care of the products. Our good friends Rubio Monocoat are located all around the world and their products ensure lasting protection of your wood and offers a wide range of maintenance products that keep oiled surfaces in top condition.

Here are our top products that we advise to buy, if you’re so far. 

  1. "Surface Care" is the handy, ready-to-use version of Rubio Monocoat Universal Soap. removes all dirt and grease thoroughly, without affecting the mat, natural look of the wood.
  2. "Grease Remover" is a ready-to-use product that removes recent grease stains from a surface. You know, for olive oil, frying oil, crisps, oil etc. Everything can happen, right?


There are lot more for each and every situation. Also, for the one you think - Oh, I’m screwed.  https://www.rubiomonocoat.com/en/o/products/interior/4-interior-wood-care-maintenance-products?country=aa  

So be aware that you need to take care of the piece you ordered, because, as it is natural breathing material, it has its character too.