What it actually takes to make furniture?

Sure, you might say, nowadays, everything is about the technology and machinery - just have a board and you have the piece or I can do it myself trend. How many DIY projects you have done are still having a place in your living environment? 

Yes, it is about the right resources- materials, specialists, tools, but to make each item unique it takes also courage, imagination, a lot of thinking, know-how and ability to create. 

On our site you can find configuration that we offer - for tables, sideboards, coffee tables etc, but sometimes it is not only about size. 
Maybe you like the table-top, but instead of metal X-Style legs you’d like have them made out of wood, or instead of matte black powder coated, you preferred golden. 
Or live edge is too rough for you and you are not sure what you liked instead? Swiss-edge, clean cut. Different type of wood. Oh, there are so many options. 
You still don’t see here what you’re looking for and now, again, using google to get exactly what you want or have created a board on Pinterest. This is the place we would need to stay STOP. Just talk to us. We’re listening. 
There are some crucial points that we will ask. 
  1. Sizes - it is all about them. Have you considered all the aspects of the environment that the piece will fit in? Skirting boards, space around, access. Solid wood is natural, breathing material and there should always be 3mm “space to breath”. And you mostly pay for the width, not the length. That is also something to bear in mind. 
  1. Type of wood. Usually we work with 3 types of solid wood , starting of pine, which is considered to be the softest of them all. If you’re planning to dance on pine wood table wearing high-heels- that might not be the best idea ever. You could consider more wear resistant wood, for example Ash wood. Those who are not experts, will most probably not notice the difference between Ash and Oak, but if you put them two together - yes, the pattern is a bit different and the color of a natural board is lighter. The third wood we work with is oak wood. Wear resistant, timeless, sleek. Perfection. We would much appreciate also comments like “I like to have the wood more clean” or “I love how epoxy looks like on tables”, “I prefer more rough design, more branches please”. Also, we have had experience with working on exotic woods. For example, we also take orders for walnut wood, but it takes longer to produce, as we’re ordering specially the boards and it takes time to get them to our production facility. 
  1. Shipping costs. Sometimes there is a wow effect, if you go directly to the checkout, see the shipping price and drop the item immediately. Shipping costs differ from the size of the product, specifications, your location and other factors. So please, ALWAYS ask an individual offer. We will confirm or change the final costs.
Then we start to look for the right boards. Our carpenter goes directly to our supplier and handpicks every board for the furniture ordered. Yes, we do not keep any stock - everything is made to order. So, he goes to the supplier, spends 1-2 days, just taking board by board. Chooses from quality, class, branching. As much as it is possible once, they are sawn and planed, we will want to show the unique pattern to you. It can be WhatsApp call or just pictures. Whatever you feel more comfortable for you. 
For extra large custom orders we can also offer shipping and installation onsite within EU, but that is already a different story.
So you see? Everything is possible and it takes great attention to detail. And not only machinery is behind that, as we want your ordered product to last at least, if not forever, then so you can give it to your grandchildren - for sure.
If you really read this or you’d like to oder your special something let us know and Stay wild 🦌