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You can have a 1:1 meeting with the carpenter where you can discuss all the details and customisations. Visit Calendly and book your slot!

Each type has its own pros and cons

Solid Wood Furniture

We work with 3 types of wood - pine, ash and oak. After special request we can offer also walnut and other types.

+ 100% natural wood

+ Sustainable and durable. Damages can be fixed with sanding

+ Easily to be maintained and can be repaired countless times

+ No two boards will ever be the same - they are all unique with its own pattern.

- Natural wood can expand, warp and split due to temperature and humidity changes

Wood Veneer

We offer ash, oak and walnut veneers. Wood veneer is a thin layer that is attached to an inner panel - usually fiberboard ir particleboard. It is a common misconception that solid wood furniture is higher quality than veneers. In many cases it outperforms durability, strength and more.

+ More affordable

+ Less likely to warp, split

+ Not that heavy as solid wood

+ Easy to be cleaned

+ Even appearance in grain pattern

- If surface is damaged, can be sanded very carefully 1-2 times an

- Difficult and costly to repair

- Easy absorbs liquids

Yes, it is possible. If you can't decide on the finish colour of your piece, we will be happy to send you samples.

1-3 colour samples - cost free, just let us know your address

3-10 colour samples - we will ask you to cover the shipping expenses

11 and more - if you want to mix and match and have all of them, depending on how many, we will agree on the price and shipping fee.

Feel free to drop us a message! Message us here

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Each piece is unique and created with care, but some of them are made specially for your living space

'Statement' Live edge oak wood dining table - Wild Wood Factory

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Colour Samples

Colour Samples


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