In life we are looking for the One and only. Like, you know- the right person to hold hands with until the end of your Era and build Empire together. For somebody, the search lasts forever (not missing the opportunity to “explore one's options") while others are lucky to find the one right away. In rare cases, there are people who actually don’t give a f*ck about being with someone and not thinking about the future. 
If we think about the furniture we buy, this is the same thing. While searching and hoe-ing around, buying cheap, mass-produced “one season hit”, deep down we dream of having The One. The One that stays. The One that we can rely on. The One that will not break after the first move to a bigger apartment. It takes guts to make a decision- to stick with a piece of qualitative, customized item. Yeah, maybe not cheap at first, though, in the long term it pays off- for you and for Mother Earth. 
So what you choose? 
Stay Wild